Maple Coffee Pork Ribs

imageRestaurant standard maple coffee ribs for tonight…. There is no excuse for you not to eat at home!

This is easily one of the best coffee ribs which I have created for my cooking assignment.

This is an easy recipe, with a little bit more steps to follow, but it’s definitely worth the time and effort. Well, everything was done from scratch! :)

Delicious, delicious…. Yes, the ribs were perfectly flavored. This pork ribs dish could be served as a Western cuisine, or your usual Chinese sit-down dinner meal. Just the plating that matters.. Otherwise, this is so yummy to enjoy on its own, or go with a plate of steamed rice!

Below is the video recipe as well as the written recipe for easy reference:

The ribs were much darker in its color during my trial cooking at home when the unsieved coffee was added to the dish. For the same, it actually yielded much stronger coffee taste. However, for better presentation, the coffee was sieved to filter away any grounds. Still good, and rest assure no coffee essence needed here. The use of good quality maple syrup plays a part, too. :)

*All ingredients are available at NTUC Fairprice (or the great value purchase at Warehouse Club).

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