Louisiana Seafood Boil


image“Are you ready for a feast?”

Planning for any gathering, or feeling like fixing a feast for your loved ones? For the seafood connoisseur, here’s my easy and delicious all-in-one seafood treat.

This is especially great to cook for a group epicureans to get together. Chatting, laughing and having great food together… Great food, great home cooked food, but minus the hassle of cooking up extensive dishes. You would still be able to impress your guests with this lucious meal. :)

Again, this is a simple to cook seafood boil. As it was cooked from scratch, no instant soup pack used in my recipe, many little spices were required. No worries, all the ingredients are available in NTUC Fairprice and Warehouse Club.

Below is the video recipe, or click on link (full written recipe):

Tips: This is a spicy dish. The soup is meant for boiling and to allow the seafood to absorb its flavor only.

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