Mooncake Lotus Paste with salted egg yolk

I Love Mooncakes

“Happy Mid-Autumn Festival 2010 – Have you eaten any mooncake yet?”

Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival is tomorrow, but the stores started selling moon cakes since a month ago (some started promoting moon cakes even two months back!). And for a festive food craze like me, I loved moon cakes very much! So, I have been eating at least 1 mini moon cake or half the normal sized cake every other day for the past 1 month!

I loved moon cake.. I really do! All kinds of flavors, for both baked and snow skins. No doubt, I would never missed eating any moon cakes in the office which were given by the clients. I bought my own moon cakes in both Singapore and Hong Kong. What are my favorite flavors? Hmm…Traditional lotus paste baked moon cakes, white lotus paste baked, red bean with green tea paste baked, lotus paste with macadamia nuts baked, lotus paste snow skin, custard snow skin, mango snow skin, chestnut snow skin, and tiramisu snow skin, especially, etc…! And nope, I do not mind products from anywhere, both the bakeries and hotels, that’s my answer if this is your next question…

Here’s some of the photos of those good moon cakes I have eaten, and just to share with you…

Traditional baked mooncake from Da Zhong Guo Chinese traditional bakery shop. Bagging in paper bag.
Even the wrapping, was simple and traditional.
Looks less appealing and dry, but in fact, it’s quite soft and delicious.
From Marriot Hotel:
Nice white lotus paste with double yolks. Not too sweet.
From Tupperware: Bought the mooncake set which consists of Tupperware container and mooncake in it.
Knowing that Hong Kong Lian Xiang Lou is well-known for their lotus paste. So, I got one of their traditional bake. The single yolk bake was sold out when I was there. So, I got the pure lotus paste one. Haven’t eaten it yet. :)
From Season’s bakery: A gift from my activities club. Single yolk bake. Just got it, and hence, still haven’t eaten it yet.
From Shi Zheng Restaurant: This was one of the best I have liked.
Shanghai mooncake. This is deep-fried mooncake with fragrant pumpkin paste in the centre and surrounded by silky smooth yam paste, with flaky crust outside.
One of the nicest Shanghai mooncake with yam paste filling I have tasted.
Lotus-Paste Pandan Snow Skin made by my girl in her school’s Mid-Autumn Festive Carnival.
My 2nd favourite for Snow Skin mooncake. Custard filling.
It’s from Maxim’s Bakery. Bought few different flavours from them during my last trip in Hong Kong.

My 1st favourite Snow Skin mooncake! Tiramisu filling. I have tasted the Tiramisu mooncake from another two different bakeries in Singapore, and they were tasted good, too. So, I hope this Tiramisu with Cheese from Hong Kong Maxim’s will be good, too.

Have not tasted it yet, but will update you once tasted. :)
Mango filling Snow Skin seems to be one of the most popular flavors in Hong Kong. There are so many different types of mango flavours mooncake, and I got the “Crispy” Mango filling. Not so sure how ‘crispy’ it is till I taste it… :D

There are some I forgot to take photo… but I was indeed eating much more than shown here… Time to dieting after this!! :p

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