instant noodle in tomato soup at Gough street in Hong Kong

Signature Crisped “Piggy” Bun & Fresh Tomato Noodle Soup at 胜香园 on Sheung Wan, HK Island (香口脆脆和番茄汤面在上环胜香园大排档)

“All-time packed authentic road side store which you shouldn’t miss, for their signature fragrant crisped bun and refreshing tomato noodle soup!”

Sheung Wan and Central (上环/ 中环) have so many good eating places including the very famous Lian Xiang Lou (莲香楼), for Dim Sum breakfast, but in fact, were not really impressed by it, frankly. Today, what I am going to post is a true value-for-money local breakfast place, the Hong Kong 大排挡 (road side store) named 胜香园 (Mandarin as: Sheng Xiang Yuan; Cantonese as: Sing Heong Yun).

We first knew this store from one of the TVB drama series where the father of the main lead in the show runs a road side stall (or rather a store) with a similar name of 胜芳园 (Sheng Fang Yuan)…. Hubby was wondering if such store really exist in real life. So, he searched on the net and found out the real store with slightly different name does exist! Yeah.

To our pleasant surprise, the store appears almost the same as it was in the show! It is, indeed, a super well-known eatery packed with hungry crowds all the time! For sure, you have to wait for seat, sharing of table is unavoidable, and waiting to place order will be expected. However, warm alluring food was served to the table quite quickly (within 15 – 20 minutes), once order’s taken, despite the crowd.

There are few highly recommended items, and this CRISPED BUN (脆脆) has to be the limelight!

Crisped bun comes with choice of bun and extended choice of topping, to be mixed and match. The most common ones should be lemon crisp, butter and condensed milk crisp, peanut butter crisp and pork chop crisp.

Beside the crisped bun, their signature dishe include the fresh tomato broth noodle (or macaroni) which is a must to try (if you like light sourish flavour). Tomato broth noodle has many choices of sides to go along, too. I loved this tomato soup noodles, seriously! Firstly, I liked the (instant) noodles (公仔面). Secondly, I liked tomato. What else can I ask for?!! The best of both world!

Taste of the tomato soup was so refreshing but not too sourish. It makes whatever fatty sides e.g. sausage, ham, luncheon meat, less sinful to eat.. laughing! I would like to eat it again and again for sure, if I stay in HK…

We were here for breakfast, couldn’t skip their egg and ham toast (to order, say “Fo Toy Dan Ji Hong Dai” 火腿蛋治烘底), of course. The tomato soup noodle with sausage (to order, say .. “Cheong Zai Kay Min” 肠仔茄面. If you want macaroni, say – “Tong Fun” 通粉), and Crisped “Piggy” Bun (“Ju Zai Bao” 猪仔包–Piggy bun is the short version of French loaf in Hong Kong.. It has nothing to do with pork or pig related ingredients.. :D), with butter and condensed milk (to order, say.. “Nai Yaw Choy Ju” 奶油脆猪. If you want wheat bun, say – “Muk Bao” 麦包). For drinks, we had fragrant hot milk tea and hot Yun Yong (热鸳鸯, mixed coffee + tea).

So, next time if you visit Hong Kong, try this. It’s a lot more fun to try eating at the Dai Pai Dong (road side stall)!

Address: 中环美轮街2号排档 (No. 2 Mee Lun Street, Central)
Direction: Nearer from Sheung Wan MTR which takes about 10 minutes to walk from there. It’s next to Gough Street (歌賦街) which is a street on Sheung Wan, just north of the Soho area of Central.
Location Tips: The other end of the same street as Lian Xiang Lou Chinese Restaurant (莲香楼), and it’s opposite the famous Kou Kee Beef Noodle (九记牛腩面)

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