Fish soup noodle at Sang Kee Hong Kong

Sang Kee’s Fresh Fish Soup Bee Hoon at Sheung Wan, Hong Kong Island (上环生记鲜鱼汤米线)

“This is one of the good meals, if healthy and light soup dish is your No.1 choice, try Sang Kee Fresh Fish Soup Bee Hoon!”

This actually was our very first meal (before having afternoon tea at The Peninsula Hotel) upon arrival, right after settling our accommodation at the nice hotel located at Tin Hau area (location next to Causeway Bay). Yes, we went to Sheung Wan area first after the check-in, not just for this recommended healthy lunch, we had several things to get from this area, too. The best soy sauce from a traditional shop nearby, and boots from a road store selling at very reasonable price as compared to many other places were on my list.

生记鲜鱼汤米线 (Sang Kee)
Since it was a weekday noon, this tiny shop was swamped with lunch time crowds. Many were pooled at the entrance just to wait to get a seat. Luckily, this shop operates with a simple paper ticket queuing system. Though it’s just a hand scribbling number, that was good enough to settle these eagle patrons. Just go to the front counter to inform the service crew on the number of pax, and to get the paper queue number from them. We managed to get our seats sharing with other two diners in about 10 minutes. Not too bad.

So, why is it so special for a fish soup? We actually watched the whole cooking process from a TVB food program, and was impressed by the quality (of ingredients) and effort (in tedious cooking process where they first fried the whole fishes before puting into large simmering pot combined with other ingredients such as fish bones etc) as well as nutritional value (of the fish soup) they have put in to the fish soup base.

If you noticed, the soup appears in milky colour. Not an effect from the addition of evaporated milk or colouring, but the natural fish meat that emerges into the soup stock. The soup tastes very fresh and light with a hint of natural sweetness yielded from the fish meats and bones, but too be franked, we the the soup tastes almost ‘tasteless’ (not really in a bad way, I loved it personally). It’s just because they do not add extra flavouring or excessive condiments to its soup stock. So well, you might not be impressed by the subtle taste of this fish soup, but this is definitely the best and healthy choice of meal, for many working locals. To us, as frequent travelers, it is just great to have more local flavour. That’s us (laughing).

Here’re some ordering tips:
In Hong Kong, rice vermicelli aka Bee Hoon, Mandarin pronounced as Mee Fun (米粉), is named as Mee Xian or Cantonese as Mai Seen (米线). And yes, they serve thick bee hoon.

Look at their menu and order the sides that you like to go the soup Mai Seen. Each bowl costs about HK$28 (S$5 or USD3.50) with those famous choices.

If you wonder what is Zha Yu Pian Tou (炸鱼片头) stated in their menu, it is fried fish cake (In Singapore, called 炸鱼饼), and NOT any sliced fish or fish head etc (laughing).

We ordered a bowl each of fish soup Mai Seen (rice vermicelli) with fried fish cake slices, and fish soup Mai Seen with Soon Tuk fried minced fish balls (顺德鱼腐). I loved the Soon Tuk fried minced fish balls as it was so tasty and very tender inside, and I believed this is one of their best selling sides, besides the usual fresh fish slices. Hmm… I kinda miss this fish balls now (smile)!!

However, if you are small eater, please request for less Mai Seen, or order one bowl (with additional side order, if desired) to share among two (I guess it should be fine to share orders in the kind of decent eatery), as they serve very generous portion which we could not finish both our orders in the end. Alternatively, dine in after 2pm, they serve mini servings.

By and large, this fish soup Mai Seen is palatable and healthy choice.

上环禧利街10号地下(No. 10 Ground/F, Hillier Street, Sheung Wan, HK)
Opening hour: 11am – 8pm
Direction: From Sheung Wan MTR, head west on Des Voeux Rd C toward Hillier St. Turn left at Hillier St. About 2 minutes walk.

Side Info: If you are not a fish soup buff, head down the street and they serve famous beef noodles in a separate shop just a few shops away.

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  1. Hi Patrica,

    A very ‘delicious’ and informative blog….keep up the good work. I will be going to HK in April, may I know the hotel name that you stayed in Tin Hau area. Thanks

  2. Hi Patrica,

    A very ‘delicious’, interesting and informative blog.Keep up the good work.

    May I know the hotel that you stayed in Tin Hau area as I will be going to HK this June. Thanks

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