Stir-fried pig’s liver with scallion and Hua Diao rice wine. You will like this, if you like livers, but if you don’t vary the dish with other meat types and adapt the recipe, it’s still perfectly fine though!

Of course, I was following up with the the other “Scholar dish“, or perhaps, it’s just the usual stir-fried pig’s liver dish, I shall called it now (smile).

I wanted to recommend this dish as I think having the best and freshest pig’s organs is to have it dealt and cooked by your own! I have never tasted any fresher pig’s livers from outside stores/ food centres than those I cooked at home, seriously. It’s simply because you will choose the best liver, probably bought it freshly from the market first thing in the early morning, then store and chill it perfectly. Then, cook it almost immediately to retain its freshness, with the best cooking method you’ve learnt.

Hubby liked pig’s liver more than I do. I did not really eat pig’s organs, especially liver, due to its ‘strong‘ smell and powdery texture in the palate which I have tasted from many food stores. However, I came to know that I won’t get that kind of powdery texture and strong smell was lessen so much, if I cook it by my own at home.

Follow my cooking steps in my recipe posted previously. And, just take note of the following tips, I guess it’s not hard to achieve what I meant, freshest and tastier dish of pig’s liver (winking smile).

When you handle pig’s liver:
1) Get the bright red liver instead of dark red or purplish one from the market or ensure the packing date is on the even date, if you got it from supermarket.

2) Keep liver in the refrigerator once reach home, and bring it out only till the moment of slicing or cooking it.

3) Just rinse the whole liver once, then slice it very thinly. Or best if you could get the butcher to do the slicing for better cut result. Then, briefly rinse one more time, when sliced.

When you cook the liver:
1) You have to do the cooking pretty quickly. Heat up a pot of water with adding some salt in it (and add even slice of ginger, if desired), then heat off once it’s boiled or almost boiled. Plunge liver slices into the hot water, preferably on a strainer, for easier manipulation. Shift the strainer constantly while blanching. If you do not have a strainer, then it’s OK. Just plunge liver slices in the pot of hot water. Use a chopstick to stir the liver while blanching.

2) Need not to blanch it too long, about 10 – 15 seconds will do, even it is  still very raw. I just blanch it briefly to get rid of some impurities from the meat. By the act of blanching, it also help a little in eliminating the strong smell of the liver.

3) When you cook it, do it very quickly. Stir-fry the ginger and spring onion/ scallion first. Then, here add the liver slices, and condiments. You may get all the necessary condiments mixed first or ready on hand, so that you may just add them in immediately after adding liver. Stir-fry just a little more with fast hand, reduce heat, if it is too strong.

4) Heat off and you may let the remaining heat in the wok to further cook it, but dish up once it’s just done and still remained tender.

This liver dish I cooked, definitely without any strong smell of the “porky taste” or weird texture. The robust flavour cooked with this recipe does help to make it more pleasant to taste, too. You may even add some chopped Chili padi (Bird’s eye chili) to spice the flavour up a little more!  Well, if you are a pig’s liver lover, you will surely like this recipe!

*Just a post to share my cooking experience.