“Roasted garlic in olive oil, prepare and keep it for convenient cooking use or as a sandwich spread for your toast snack!”

I am glad that you have interest in French recipe. As I am still a fresh learner in French (Western) cooking, I would like to just share some recipes I have learnt at the cook-off session. Please forgive me, if the food is too simple for you to prepare.. :p

First of all, let’s make the roasted garlic!

Roasted garlic, which has its huge plus point in enhancing dishes, many western cooks love it. This roast garlic will be used in one of my Western recipe (to be shared next time round), and you may prepare this in large amount. Then, store in your refrigerator for other food preparation.

Many people use this roasted garlic to make garlic bread (or toast) at home, or simply spread it on crackers with knife. It can also be mixed into your salad dish or other cold dishes as flavor enhancer. Yes, flavor enhancer by its natural sweetness and fragrance, without the pungent taste anymore. For cooking wise, add this in sauce making, or soup cooking. I am thinking of even using it to spread on the popiah skin for my next popiah meal at home!

In fact, even the olive oil can be treated as roasted garlic flavoured olive oil, and use for any other cookings.
It is very simple to prepare and it can be kept for very long.

30 – 40 raw garlic cloves, skinned
About ½ cup (or more) of extra light olive oil

1 sheet of baking paper

1) Place garlic cloves in an oven-proof/ baking container. Add enough olive oil in order to have all the garlic cloves immersed into the olive oil.

2) Place a sheet of baking paper to cover on top of the container, and bring it to bake at 150°C for 2 hours. Let is cool at room temperature before keeping in the refrigerator. Yes, it’s done!

Tips: Garlic must be fresh.
* Use of extra LIGHT olive oil simply because it tastes almost scentless, while extra virgin olive oil, is more suitable to be used as salad dressing, might taste too superior for such baking purposes.