Cabbages & Condoms Thai Restaurant

A “Condoms” Restaurant in Bangkok: Cabbages & Condoms

“A good Thai cuisine restaurant comes with condoms?!”

Just visited Bangkok (again), for a 3 days 2 nights trip. We did not have much time but packed all itineraries full in the 3 days. I know Bangkok is no stranger to most Singaporeans, but there were some highlights I would like to share.

Bangkok is a well-known gourmet paradise as most eating places even the roadside stalls seldom disappoint you. So, we were looking at some specially themed restaurants whereby you get to enjoy not only enjoy the good authentic local delicacies, but the special interior decoration, during the dine-in.

This restaurant is ‘deserted’ at the lane of a sub-road of Sukhumvit Soi 12 where you may find Asok BTS the nearest sky train station. Out from the station, walk towards Sheraton Hotel and along Times Square, and turn to your left into a lane right passed Time Square. The street lights along the lane were rather dim, but not to worry as the road wasn’t deadly quiet. There were also some roadside stalls along the lane. Look out for this big signage of Cabbages and Condoms which leads you to their restaurant just 30m away, after a 6 – 8 minutes walk from the main road.

The C&C Restaurant (PDA)
Call (02) 229-4610 or send a Fax to (02) 229-4610
We are open daily from 11:00 to 22:00. Adequate parking space is available.

Cabbages & Condoms has been recommended in many travel guides. As it’s named, it has to do with….. Condoms!

My feeling when entered this premise was complex but nondescript. The 2-storey restaurant is full of condoms! Life-sized figures with its attires made of condoms, even the lamps in the restaurant were decorated and made of… yes, condoms.. But, not too worry to have your little ones dining there with you… It is never a place from the ‘grubby’ side. In fact, it has become a double-cause action for you to choose this place for dinner. This place is running with a noble agenda as it is set up to promote better understanding and acceptance of family planning, and all income generated from this restaurant will be used to support the activities conducted by the Population and Community Development Asst in Thailand.

Having talked so much, here should you be introduced with the main object – Great food!

Since there were only two of us, we could only place limited orders which were more than enough for just 2 of us. And trust me, these are the best food among the goodies in this restaurant you have to order!

And remember, you will regret if you are not going there with your farmished stomach..

Salad – Thai Papaya Salad
Strange to know that authentic Thai salad in Thailand served with shredded papaya, and not, mango! I still love this spicy appetizer as it helps to open up my appetite. However, hubby thought that the salad was way too spicy for his liking.. :p

Yes, I ended up finishing the whole salad on my own, and it’s absolutely alright to me! Loved the spicy and sweet with a hint of sourish flavour.

Soup: Tom Yum Goong
The friendly waiter smiled at me when I ordered this Tom Yum soup requested LESS spicy. Yeah, I think Thai can eat much hotter stuff than Singaporean. The real Thai Tom Yum Soup in Thailand is nothing like the Singapore version. They have added many Bird’s eye chilis… So, it is essential to ask for less spciy, if you can’t take much spicy food.

Still, the less-spicy version was flavorsome enough, with a balance of hot, sour, sweet and salty flavors which are in harmony with one another in this soup dish, not to mention the fresh and chunky seafood items in the soup. My hubby loved the fresh springy prawns.

The Mains:

1) Deep Fried Crisped Whole Seabass with Thai Chilli Peanut Sauce
Yes, no more spicy dish for us, I had to order a non-spicy dish. I was choosing between the steamed or fried version, at first. However, I knew that the steamed fish will be slightly spicy and served with some soup stock as well. So, I decided to go ahead with the fried one instead. And I have to say I had a great choice (Yeah, you’ll never go wrong with crisped fried stuff). Real crisped boneless fish makes it so easy to chew without worries of choking of fish bone (even if there is bone, it’s crisped till chewable). I loved the Thai peanut sauce which tasted a sweet and sour, resembling the sweet Thai Chilli sauce, but no, it wasn’t spicy at all, even though it’s called Chilli sauce. It was great to just chew on the crisped fish meat without any sauce!

2) Green Chicken Curry
It is not a spicy curry dish. What I could described it as the flavoursome diced chicken in coconut milk gravy. Delicious, but nothing close to those normal red chicken curry dishes we usually have in some buffet parties/ gathering back in our hometown.

The dishes were served onto our table pretty quickly, maybe because only a couple of tables were occupied on a Friday evening.. Ya, only 2 occupied tables seen when we first seated at about 7pm, though the numbers were rising gradually. Sad to say, economy crisis strikes them much worst than ever.

However, I think it is still advisable to make advance reservation, just in case of the unexpected large crowd, who knows? And, it is recommended to go on weekend (and be seated at the 1st storey where the performance stage is) as you might be lucky to get to enjoy some free performances/ services (decent Thai dance or complimentary foot massage) provided by some training centre/ school students (should be ones that engaged by the restaurant) to perform there as their real-life training ground.

I planned to have my favourite dessert, sticky rice with mango! However, we were seriously running out of space in our bloated stomachs in the end! No way we could stuff in more food, let alone rice….. I decided to give up the dessert (sob sob). Well, I was still able to enjoy my refreshing coconut drink before putting a pleasurable end to this great dinner occasion.

Here comes the bill.. ~BHT1200+ = S$50+. That’s the greatest part about splurging in (most places of) Thailand. It’s definitely not going to shrink your wallet too much! Wait, mints for you?? If you are expecting some mints to be given to you when you check the bill. Sorry, you’ll have to take away with 1 condom each for every guest, absolutely complimentary to you… Nope, no mints. :D

No, not yet, I have not told you about the C&C Handicraft Shop situated just next to the dining area. So many interesting condom-related products you could find here. Just go have a look as an extra leisure, after a full sumptuous meal there, you maybe able to shop and get something you like to bring home. The items shown here are all open for sale.

Between, before ending your great evening here, check out the “Wheel of SEX Fortune” which tells you what you should ‘do’ for the night…. I spinned on it, just for fun, and guess what? It pointed at “No Sex Tonight Please“! Haha..

What’s your dinner tongiht? :D

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