Tomato Fried Egg (番茄炒蛋)

“Simply tasty and healthy tomato fried egg!”

Fried egg with fresh tomatoes was one of the dishes I always cooked at home. I learned the dish from many TVB shows. Not sure why but it seemed that Hong Kong people loved cooking this, and yes, even in the shows. :D

Nope, those shows did not provide its recipe, but I managed to figure it out in my own. :) If I remembered correctly, the dish was commonly cooked with just the fresh tomatoes, but in my recipe, I had some chopped shallots added. This was just to elevate the aroma as well as the natural sweetnes of the dish, and purely a personal preference. More

Hollandaise Sauce for Egg Benedict

‘Simple French recipe helps to create your perfect breakfast meal!”

Hollandaise sauce is a French sauce, and it’s commonly known to complement the eating of Egg Benedict (which consists of English muffin, poached egg, bacons and hams as toppings, and Holladaise sauce is a MUST for Egg Benedict).

This light creamy sauce has a mild flavour of buttery and eggy with a touch of refreshing lemony scent in the palate. It’s never too greasy to taste. Topping of Hollandaise sauce helps to enhance the overall taste of the plain poached egg, and with such combination, it creates a perfect mouthfeel for the palate. More

Cordyceps and Ginseng Tonic Soup with Black Chicken (冬虫夏草泡参黑鸡汤)

“Nourishing Chinese Herbal Soup, its extensive health benefits to all ages are beyond your imagination.”

I had a bowl of Cordyceps tonic soup for lunch at one of the coffee shop at Ang Mo Kio area last week as I wanted to take something nourishing and tonical. Did not expect Cordyceps soup to taste so great, its mild fragrance in the palate with a hint of natural sweetness impressed me. So, I jotted down the Chinese herbs found in the soup (luckily, I still recognise each herb used.. :p), and decided to find out more about it, and to make it at home for my family.

[Ingredients Value] Benefits of Cordyceps:
Cordyceps Sinensis, also known as caterpillar fungus. In Chinese, we called it 冬虫夏草 (direct translation as ‘Winter worm Summer grass’), or simple term as 冬虫草, or even just 虫草. I simply love the subtle taste of this clear soup. This great and nutritional soup not only taste good, it has its vast health benefits! The characteristic of cordyceps is neither cooling nor heaty, but mild and nuetral to be taken by all ages. Cordyceps are widely used in Chinese medicine due to its high healing properties believed by many Chinese medical practitioners. Some Chinese even believe that it promotes longevity, if Cordyceps were to be taken on regular basis. More

Bruschetta with Tomatoes (and Basil)

“Bruschetta with Tomatoes recipe, and the easy way to deal with the preparation of tomato toppings!”

As I mentioned in my review of cook-off of Julie & Julia’s menu, Bruschetta is an Italian bread dish than French recipe, to be exact. However, I learnt this great light bites, and would like to share its simple making yet delicious recipe to you.

This is light snack which may be taken as appetizer, to indulge it during tea break, and even as your favourite TV bites. I liked bruschetta with tamatoes, because it tastes very refreshing. This fruit is high anti-oxidant properties which help to fight free radical in our body, and hence, reduce rish of getting cancer. For any one who does not to eat tomato, this is the greatest way to try having it! Having the tomato in bruschetta makes its taste and texture much more palatable. More

Roast Garlic in Olive Oil

“Roasted garlic in olive oil, prepare and keep it for convenient cooking use or as a sandwich spread for your toast snack!”

I am glad that you have interest in French recipe. As I am still a fresh learner in French (Western) cooking, I would like to just share some recipes I have learnt at the cook-off session. Please forgive me, if the food is too simple for you to prepare.. :p

First of all, let’s make the roasted garlic! More

My Tasty Experience of Julie & Julia’s Cooking

“Watch Julie & Julie, and learn the Julie & Julia’s menu, with Passion . Ambition & Butter!”

Yes, I wanted to cook French cuisine! And that has to do with the movie, Julie & Julia (previously reviewed in this blog posting), which features great French cooking by two Americans. You can imagine how very excited I was to have a chance to attend a cook-off session at Palate Sensations, where I learnt to cook some of the French cuisine featured in the movie.

Palate Sensations Cooking School is the location for this private cooking lesson of French menu which you may see it in the movie. This cooking school is situated at Blk 1, Wesbourne Road, #03-05 (the entrance to this place is via Whitchurch Road, off Portsdown Road and opposite Col Bar). The location might sound very far from where you usually hang out but in reality, it is actually pretty close to the Queensway area and within the Wessex estate, which has many beautiful colonial-styled buildings. More

Nourishing Bird Nest with Ginseng and Rock Sugar

“How to clean the “unprocessed” raw bird nest? Let’s check it out! And your effort & time will surely be paid off with this goodness!”

Time to pamper yourself with luxurious bird nest dessert!

My mum got me some of these unprocessed original bird nests of the home-bred swallows. That was my first time seeing the raw bird nests. Unlike those already well-processed with machine types which also moulded very beautifully in standard curve shape and size, these raw bird nests were full of feathers and dirt, and never in uniformed shape and size. To be franked,I couldn’t imagine the delicious cooked bird nest dessert was made from these appealing raw ones….

[Ingredients Value] Benefits of taking bird nest regularly: More

Julie & Julia – A great movie for Food Lovers. Bloggers. Life Inspiration Seekers.

Bon appéteeeeeeeeet!” for your eyes and ears!

Want to get inspired in your life? Desire to be engaged with fresh French cooking ideas?

Be prepared to be thoroughly involved in this very engaging movie, “Julie & Julia”. Based on the true stories of two women, this movie moved along wonderfully, sharing with the audiences, a common passion of food and taste, beautifully experienced through two separate eras. More