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New Rainforest Kidzworld at Singapore Zoo

“New Opening of Rainforest Kidzworld and Boat Ride in Singapore Zoo”

We visited Singapore Zoo last Sunday, the actual day of Singapore National Day! Since it was a long weekend, we had to have some plan for the kid, at least an outing on the 3-day long weekend. And, as a form of celebration with the nation, we planned this outing (laughing), for a half morning visit, and to get home in time to watch the live National Day Parade on tv in the evening! There were plans in mind, whether to go Pulau Ubin for cycling or a visit to Jurong Bird Park (I have 50% discount on admission tickets), and etc, before decided on the zoo visit. But for several good reasons, I decided to have our family outing together with my good friend & family, for zoo visit and picnic, despite the fact that we had to pay full price tickets to the zoo on public holidays!

Zoo is never just about the animal exhibits anymore, another interesting reason that motivated us for our re-visiting, is to bring the little one to this newly revamped kid’s wet playground, and also, the new boat ride!

The rainforest kidzworld offers an extended water playground with few water slides and the massive bucket filled with water gushing out to create the waterfall effect which excites the kids most. There is also other water sports and activities, such as, pony ride, carousel ride and an ‘open house‘ featuring life of ‘kampung‘ (village), but the highlights of this kampung house has to be those tiny creatures skulking in the cupboards, drawers and rooms of this kampung house.

My girl had so much fun with my friend’s little one (aged 3), at the wet park for more than 1 hour (see more photos in my FaceBook – search ‘My Wok Life’ or log on from my side bar). It was kinda refreshing to submerge in the water at Kidzworld wet park, after a long half-day walk from one animal exhibit to another. So, remember to bring along extra pair of clothing for your little ones, and even yourselves! Oh yes, Rainforest Kidzworld is included in the zoo admission. However, it does not include any additional ride. Only the water playground and visit of kampung house are ‘free‘. Expect to pay about $6 per ride or $10 for any of the 3 rides at the Kidzworld.

There is another attraction in the zoo, the new boat ride. You’ll get to take a ride on the boat for 15 – 20 minutes, fascinate the unblocked view of Seletar reservoir. However, do not expect any spectacular view or apperance of animal during the boat journey, there wasn’t any. Oh yes, there was a group of kingfishers resting on the branches, that’s all about the ‘animal view’ during the boat ride. Price? $5 for a single trip, add $1 more for return trip. Or, like us, get the 3-in-1 Zooper-saver ticket at $25 (for adult) & $19.50 (for child aged 3 – 12), which consists of admission fee to the zoo, tram ride and single trip of boat ride. Oh yes, nearly forget, if you go on normal days (I think it includes weekend), just NOT on a public holiday or eve (where you must pay full priced ticket), you should get 30% discount, with OCBC credit card (not sure promotion lasts how long, but there surely have other credit card promotions every other day, if it’s not OCBC). Check with the ticket counter!

Oh well, it was very nice weather, windy and not too hot Sunday morning, for a short boat ride though.. Just for the sake of giving it a try, if you have not taken one before.

My girl enjoyed the elephant feeding during her last visit to zoo. She had the giraffe feeding this time! Price per feeding remains at $5. And, please expect a queue with only 10 places for each feeding time (usually 2 times per day). Check out the animal’s feeding time, and plan for your itinerary beforehand, if you intend to do this. My girl enjoyed it very much!

Remember, if you are looking at picnic spot in the zoo, there is this nice cooling reservoir-view spacious little hut equiped with benches and fans, located just not too far after the girrafe enclosure.

If you wish to see more photos of this zoo visit, log on to My Wok Life’s FaceBook Fan Club (*see side bar)! Some exclusive animal photos, and more photos at the wet play are reserved just for my truehearted readers! And, I welcome you!

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