“Handy disposable soup bag is definitely a must-have material, for your convenient soup cooking! No washing & drying of soup bag after each use. It’s the most convenient and hygienic way to keep your soup cooking day a less hassle one!”

If you are like me, always cook soup base with tiny and loose ingredients, for instance, soy bean, dried anchovies or Chinese herbs, you need this soup bag, disposable one!

I bought the cloth soup bag once before, and wanted to use it in my soup cooking. However, I did not use it at all. That was because I really could not put myself to imagine putting a “cloth” to boil for hours.. It sound gross to me, frankly. Also, I had absolutely no idea how to clean the cloth bag and get rid of the ‘stain & smell’ emerged in the cloth after hours of boiling with soup ingredients. To use clorine? No way! Soak in soapy hot water? Goodness, the soup bag is for boiling soup, am I going to boil the soap in my soup, too, next time round??! For god sake!!

No way, for me.. So, forget the soup bag, I boiled my soup without any soup bag, but adding all ingredients in the pot. I did that for all my soup cooking, until I found this disposable soup bag!

Perhaps, you already are using this since ages back! Yes, I have ‘opened my eye’, just recently (laughing)!

Where did I get this? I found this soup bag in a provision shop at neighbourhood area. This disposable soup bag comes in 3 sizes. The one I bought is smallest type as I thought it should be enough to fill in the amount of tiny soup ingredients I usually use. This 12cmx9.5cm soup bag costs about S$3.80, for a pack of 16 pcs.

It’s easy to use. Just put in your desire amount of ingredient into 1 disposable soup bag. Only half of the bag was filled, with about 50gram of dried anchovies which I have put in for my papaya soup cooking.

See, there is a half-folded layer at the front of the bag.

What you need to do is just turn the folded layer over to to another side of the bag, to cover the opening of for sealing purpose, before putting into your soup pot.

Nice looking soup bag for your soup cooking, isn’t it? You don’t have to worry about the washing of soup bag anymore, after use! It’s so cool!