Supermoist banana cake

“Bake your own supermoist banana cake at home, sprinkle some icing sugar and devour this savoury sweet treat, anytime, anywhere!”

The first banana cake I baked was cinnamon flavour banana cake. It turned out quite successfully, but some of my colleagues said this pure banana flavour (without cinnamon) tasted even better. And, it was a hit when served.

My banana cake recipe (*see previous post for detailed recipe) is quick and easy. The aromatic banana flavour was pretty intense even without adding any extra banana essence in it. Yes, it’s the natural banana taste!

The texture of this banana cake was moist with smooth mouthfeel. Do not forget the 50ml of milk in the recipe, it is the key for a moist and soft cake, and avoid denseness in it.

Supermoist Banana cake

Instead of using a big rectangular stainless steel cake tin, I used two smaller disposable aluminium foil ones (8″ x 4″). Don’t forget to grease the tins before pouring the flour mixture.

I let the cakes to completely cool down in the aluminium foil tins the same night after baked till the next morning. Then, I have the whole cake removed and sliced them before placing in my air tight container to bring to work.

One tray of cakes were brought to work for my colleagues while another tray was kept at home for my family. My girl also brought 1 slice to school for light bite during her recess time.

Banana cake

The banana cake maybe served just by itself, or dust some icing sugar either on top of the whole cake before cutting it or sprinkle on the sliced cake only when you serve it. Personally, I loved it with icing sugar because my banana cake was added only with moderate amount of sugar in the recipe. Hence, icing sugar may enhance its sweetness and make it tastes even better. I did not dust the icing on the whole cake, but did it only after I sliced and placed in the container so that the icing will be coated on only on the top, but have it scattered on the piece. *Click here for recipe.

Tips: It’s best to have your cake sliced only after an extensive cooling period so that it won’t disintegrate easily.
* Keep in a food container and refrigerate it for longer storage life. Simply leave it at room temperature for 30 minutes, or reheat with 10 seconds in Microwave oven before serve.