Scramble egg

“The best scrambled egg I have ever tasted!”

Yes, I am back from my holidays in Hong Kong & Macau. Already miss the good food there!!! Sobbing..

My first write-up on the food I had during the trip is my breakfast meal of eggs and toasts.

This breakfast meal I had was during my Hong Kong trip. We did some researches on the internet, and found this eating place which well-known for their eggs toast. The name of this shop is Australia Dairy Co (澳洲牛奶公司). Not too sure why is the company called Australia? Is it because of the origin of the milk production? Or is it because of the founder of this company is an Australian? Not sure, it is located not in Australia, but Kowloon, Hong Kong. To be exact, 49 Parkes St, Kowloon, Hong Kong.

It should be famous for their milk and steamed milk, but seems like more reviews were featuring their scrambled eggs which comes with two half-sliced of thick toasts! Scrambled eggs in Hong Kong are called as Fried eggs. When you place order, tell the attendant that you want a fried eggs (炒蛋 – Chao Dan), or tell them pan-fried eggs (煎蛋 – Jian Dan), if you wish to have sunny side up eggs.

Look at the eggs, its texture was neither too dry nor too greasy. I should say, it was perfectly well executed! Tasted its dampness, juiciness and a mild fragrance of egg in the palate, this scrambled eggs were simply flavoursome! Not those simple and straight forward kinds of salty, sweet or peppery taste, let me recall…. it had a mild buttery scent with the combination taste of the abovementioned. Was I too responsive to think that they add in their famous milk, or was it just the taste of MSG?? Laughing..

Anyway, the taste was full. You have to try it, to know it.

Go to Hong Kong, Kowloon side, near Jordan MTR station. Start your day with a nice hot breakfast set here. Please expect morning crowd, especially during weekends, but they won’t make you wait for long to get to share a table of you have less than 4 person to occupy whole table by yourselves.

Beverages in Hong Kong are expensive. So, always look out for their set meal options which give you a better offer. The price of set meal is definitely more worthwhile than ordering from their ala carte menu.

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