Mui Kee Hong Kong

Silky-Smooth Congee for Breakfast in the Winter

“A conventional winter breakfast food – the pipping hot silky porridge from Mui Kee Congee”

Porridge also known as Congee, I came to know the delicious congee of this store, Mui Kee, also from the TVB programme broadcast on Channel U of Singapore. Hence, we jotted it down, and decided to give it a try when we went Hong Kong.

The location is good as it is not too far from our hotel. However, it is quite complicated to find the building location (where the congee store is located in), if you do not know the name of the building called by the locals. From the published address, we knew the building as 市政大厦 (Municipal Services Building)。When we tried to ask around for directions, no one seemed to know which building we were referring to. Finally, we met a folk who knows where exactly the congge store is, he directed us the way to the right place.

When we arrived, we spotted a signboard of the building stated its name as 花园街街市 (Fa Yuen Street Market)。Yes, it is indeed at the 3rd level (written as 4th level in Chinese) above the wet market.

It was rather confused, but we managed to find the place, finally, after 3 times of walking, up and down. This Mui Kee Congee (妹記生滾粥品) is located at Fa Yuen Street, Mongkok. Exact direction to reach there, find it at My Note Book on The Web.

I ordered their local favourite Cantonense congee, the 及第粥 (‘Scholar congee’ aka Assorted congee).

This delicious congee contains some hand-made meat balls and lots of pork livers and lean meat. The creamy consistency smoothed its ways out from the throat to the stomach. I love the hot and silky mouthfeel that warms our body early in the morning of the Winter.

My loved one ordered his favourite congee, the 皮蛋瘦肉粥 (Century eggs and lean pork meat congee). Still, very delicious. It is totally different taste from Assorted pork congee as it contains century eggs that contribute vast fragrance emerges into the porridge together with the lean pork meat. This is the most delicious congee he ever had, he claimed.

It is best to have a fried dough (油条) to go with this steamy hot congee, however, it is not complimentary with the order of the congee. You have to order it separately at HK$6 per pair of fried dough. Or, buy it elsewhere which you may find it even better taste, like we did (we got the appealing huge fried dough (HK$7) from the porridge store nearby before we came to Mui Kee.. chuckling), they wouldn’t mind you to have it there with their congee.

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