Steamed red bean pudding

Hong Kong Local Delicacies – Steamed Red Bean Sticky Pudding (砵仔糕)

“If you are looking for a nice steamed red bean sticky pudding, 砵仔糕 (Pronounce it as Put Zhai Gou in Cantonese), come to this cart by the road at Central (中环), HK Island.”

Steamed red bean (sticky) pudding or you called it steamed red bean cake (or kueh) is one of the traditional local snack in Hong Kong since decades. I know I must have one when I travelled to Hong Kong, to taste the authentic steamed red bean sticky pudding here. In Chinese, the name of this snack, Put Zhai Gou, is not a direct translation of red bean cake, it simply means cake in the small bowl. It is because each of the sticky pudding is steamed in a small bowl. It will be transferred out from the bowl by the seller, only when you buy it.

I read a blog where the writer commented that this steamed cake is hardly found in Hong Kong nowadays as compared to last time where it is sold anyway, anytime. Hence, I was determined to find out the exact place where I could for sure get to taste a good one, at least (smile), before the trip. Yes, I found two places.

First, selling at the cart by the road:
The best one I’ve tried was located at the Central, Hong Kong Island side, this time. When we first looked for it, we thought it will be sold in a shop. We were busy looking far to the rows of shops along Wellington Street, did not realised that it was actually just right before our eyes! It is not in a shop, but just a cart at the T-junction of Wellington Street and Lan Kwai Fong! Laughing..

This steamed red bean cake in its brownish colour (yields from the brown sugar), looked appealing to me. This palatable snack is the best food for tea.

The taste of sweetness was just alright. And, its ‘a little’ jelly-like texture makes it rather bouncy. Still able to hold firmly on two toothpicks, it is served with the most traditional way, using the toothpicks! I enjoyed chewing it, together with the mouthful red beans in it. Soft and tasty, their business here is pretty good, I assumed. Hundreds of bowls, they start business from 1pm to only 3pm. Isn’t my assumption make sense? Chuckling..

More sharings with you:
You wish to know the excat location, and how to get there? Click on My Note Book on The Web, to find out its directions.

Second, selling in the shop located at Sham Shui Po (深水埗):
Why do I say the one at Wellington Street is better as compared to this ‘supposedly’ famous shop, 坤记?

We travelled to Sham Shui Po, 深水埗, by MTR. This shop is just nearby the MTR station. As expected, there was small crowd, buying their snack food. I had pretty high expectation for the steamed red bean sticky pudding from this shop, as it was also recommended by a TVB programme before. Even local celebrity bought from them. However, it wasn’t up to my expectation, sad to say.

I think the cake here is too thick that causes its ‘very firm’ texture. It is not so chewy, but rather hard for the palate. Same thing, it’s also not too sweet taste here, but I find the red beans in it were too little.

Despite its firmness, the texture a little too dry, to me. Kind of over-rated, perhaps, their selling points are the traditional hand-made cooking method, and on its hardship of the store owner in sustaining this low-profit business (which includes some background histories of heritage issue) that brought the fame to their shop.

Side track a bit…. Ya, we also happened to bump into the TVB artist,  Margie Tsang Wah Sin 曾華倩, together with her friends, patronizing the store. As hubby was standing in front of the shop simply to take a few shots of the store (as above), Ms Margie Tsang turned around and saw him. We wouldn’t even recognise her at first, until… guess what she did? Tsang quickly covered her face with hand, and her expression shown as if she was avoiding reporter or paparazzi. We were then rolling our eyes. Oh please…… who would want to take waste time taking her photos??!! Celebrity?? An old star?? Excuse me, Aunty Tsang, please STAND ASIDE, don’t block out view of the shop, instead! Amitabha….

Frankly speaking, I really prefer the cake selling at the cart by the road at Wellington Street, Central. It’s OK, if you wish to support this shop, get one from them. Buy also their famous steamed white sugar cake, 白糖糕, which is another well-known local snack in Hong Kong. I heard it is delicious, not sure as I did not try it though..


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5 thoughts on “Hong Kong Local Delicacies – Steamed Red Bean Sticky Pudding (砵仔糕)”

  1. About a decade ago, I ate once from a shop in Sham Sui Po (recommended in the HK Tourism booklet) and is really yummy. I too read about the Wellington St selling from 1-3pm only but could not find it until last trip in Dec….it may not be the original seller anymore as this cart is selling other kueh besides the red bean ‘put chai kou’. (Hi, do they sell other kueh?)And sad to say, it does not taste good. Am going to HK again. Will look for the Sham Sui Po and taste again to see if their standard has deteriote. Cheers

  2. Hi, sorry for commenting on such an old post but hopefully you still see it! Do you think put zhai gou would sell well in Singapore? :)

    1. Hi,

      Don’t worry. I do see it.

      Hmm… I think Singapore has similar ones, both sweet and savory, selling quite ok but not must-have delicacies. The savory one more popular.

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