steamed custard with salted egg yolk bun in Hong Kong Maxim's Palace

Hong Kong Dim Sum (香港点心)

“Please remember to order this bun “包 (Bao)”, if you ever had your Hong Kong Dim Sum at City Hall Maxim’s Palace, Hong Kong. Find out more!”

It was our first (and only chance of the week in Hong Kong) Dim Sum (点心) meal over the week of our holiday there, at City Hall Maxim’s Palace.

Maxim’s Palace has two branches (or many?), I wanted to go to the one at Kowloon where we stayed, but my hubby said the reviews on the internet supported only the City Hall branch where they claimed a real good one. Hence, we made plan for the City Hall’s.

Yes, this is the “bao” that I mentioned. 流沙奶皇白包, if I heard it correctly from the restaurant staff who recommended this “bao” to us.

Basically, the filling of the bun is custard, with a hint of salted egg yolk. Why is it called as 流沙 (flowing sand)? It is because the texture of its filling is so smooth which resembling the flowing lava… Hence, it has been named like the “Lava-like custard steamed bun”. Indeed, the texture was slight runny, not too watery, and yet neither too thick nor dry, when I first tasted it. I love the mouth feel and taste of the filling, with its soft steamy hot bun. The fragrant mild egg yolk taste is definitely the grasp of it. It increases the fragrance to the overall taste of this little bun. Soft, tender, fragrant and not-too-sweet taste, I regret had it only one (sobbing)!

Have Hong Kong Dim Sum, how can you ever missed one of these signature Hong Kong Dim Sum dishes, the Roast pork bun aka Char Siew Bao (叉烧包)?! Without a shadow of a doubt, the Char Siew Bao at Maxim’s Place, of course, was delicious! Taste wasn’t too sweet or too greasy, the lean pork meat with minimal lard of its lavishing filling is chunky and fresh.

Inside the restaurant, placed with all round tables and the old-style high-backed cushioned chairs. Being a typical Chinese restaurant, it retains the traditional Dim Sum cart-pushing practice here. Limited nice view from inside out, I simply loved the brightness created by the full glass of another side, and its spaciousness. And, yes, floor area of the restaurant is large, to cater its usual crowd.

It was not swamped with customers on that day we went, when it was just opened for business for the day, at 11am. However, it was already packed with tour-grouped diners at other other side of my picture view. It was also on the rise of crowd, when we were about to check the bill at around 1pm, on a weekday. Who says it’s recession?!

In fact, for no reason, we waited for an hour plus before it opened as we thought it opens at 9am, daily, but weekdays’ timing is from 11am instead! To remind you, only weekends, they open from 9am. Remember also, it is located at the second level of the City Hall Building. Maxim’s Palace City Hall (大会堂美心皇宮) @ City Hall Low Block, Hong Kong. For more details on direction, you may click on My Note Book on The Web.

Continue with our Dim Sum food journey here, we ordered this shark fin dumpling soup (鱼翅灌汤饺). We pronounced it in Cantonese as, ‘Yu Qi Goon Tong Gao’, if you wish to order it in Hong Kong.

It is a chunk dumpling filled with chicken stock, pork meat and shark fin stripes (some use dried scallop stripes instead).

The clear chicken stock soup base was flavoursome. This Dim Sum dish is considered as superior dish due to the use of shark fin. I could not recall the price of it, not too pricy, but for sure not a few dollars kind.

Do give it a try, as you’ll find it worthwhile, for the taste of the thick chicken stock and shark fin as a luxury breakfast/ lunch meal. Smile…

If you are wondering what is this, I guarantee you with its splendid taste! This is something I have to recommend it to you! The steamed yam cake! This is one of their specialty dishes which you can’t probably find it else where. Usually, steamed yam cake is a form of squarish stuff served on a plate. Some restaurant chefs even pan-fried it a little. However, the one found here, is with a little light soy sauce mixes (not sure about the actual ingredients of it) on top of a clay bowl of ‘really steamy’ yam cake!

The texture of this yam cake, was no ordinary soft. It was super soft and tender that almost melt in your palate instantly. Yet, it had its extent of firmness to hold the shape of it. Taste was, of course, excellent!

Many many to remember, please jot it down to remind yourself to order this steamed yam cake, when you go there!

Other dishes we tried, must be those signature dishes, such as, stuffed Cheong Fun (鲜虾肠粉). The sauce was not too salty which goes so well with these soft thin sheet of rice flour rolls.

Fresh Har Gao (鲜虾饺). Right texture of the almost translucent dumpling skin with fresh prawn meat in it. How could you resist this must-order Dim Sum dish here?? Other dishes such as Siew Mai (蒸烧卖), Fried Spring Rolls (春卷), and etc, in our list of order were genuinely good, too! In fact, there wasn’t a dish we ordered that made us regret for the trouble of locating this place, in addition to the hour wait!

For sure, we won’t miss the main lead of the whole “Yum Cha” (tea-drinking) ritual, the fairly thick Chinese tea! We selected these tea leaves named Shou Mei (寿眉). See its light brownish tea colour, you already knew that such tea we ordered wasn’t the very thick kind. We prefer something light and more refreshing for the throat, instead of those real awakening types! Laughing…

The total bill for 3 with reasonably filled stomaches (we had our Hong Kong friend joined us for the brunch), came up to about HK$375 (~S$75), just FYI.

Tips: Do not be confused by the Maxim’s Cafe (under the same organisation) which located at the ground floor at outer area of City Hall Building. You have to go into the building, 2nd floor to reach the restaurant, Maxim’s Palace. Yes.

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