“Glass pots from VISIONS, I love it!”

Corningware from VISIONS has always been my favourite cookware.
I love its elegant look, beautiful colour, and durability of the glass itself.

The glass pots from VISIONS come in various sizes, but the design/ look and colour are always the same. This makes VISIONS glass pots outstanding and recognisable from its branding.

I have been using VISIONS glass cookware from to cook my daily meals for more than 5 years. These 3 pots are my second set are newly bought last month since the 2 pots from first set were old already…

No worries though, it is not due to crack or any unusable reason. It is ME that like to use new things especially kitchenwares, once in a while (winking smile).

The very first set I had came with 2 different sizes pots – 1 medium and 1 big ones. This second set of pots comes in 3 different sizes. Big, medium and small. The pots from first set was more deep (taller in height) while second set comes in broader in term of width.

I use the largest stew pot for boiling herbal tea and cooking mee hoon kueh or dishes which needed plenty of soup/ gravy. Medium pot for most soup and dessert recipes while smallest pot will be used for cooking instant noodles for 2, sometimes.

Why do I prefer VISIONS? Hmm…. Actually SIMPLYLITE is quite a good choice, too. I like the all white and French white designed glasswares. The Floral printed or patterned CORELLE glasswares are not my choice, as I personally find it looks a little bit “aunty” (old fashioned). However, all these glasswares are in white colour without see-through.

I prefer cookingware which can see through! PYREX is good, but again, don’t fancy the total clear white appeal.

I prefer VISIONS lemon yellow see-through version. Its elegant appeal attracts me alot indeed.

Visions cookware comes with 10-year warranty.

Durable, versatile, and beautiful cookware from VISIONS makes me felt in love with cooking. If you are thinking of buying it, try to look for one on sale. They will be on discount on some festives sales and/ or yearly sale period such as Christmas, Singapore Year-end sale and etc. I bought mine from Tangs Singapore with 20% discount during their in-house sales period.

Sometimes, NTUC Fairprice will extend 20% discount on the sets during thier product promotion offer. Check out the NTUC Finest (Thomson Plaza has one) which I used to get my set from there, too.

A set of 2 to 3 glass pots costs about S$100 to $150 (regular price).