Yam Paste dessert

“Famous Teochew Sweet Yam Paste, the hearty flavour created at home, for your love ones”

I love sweet yam paste. We pronounce it as “Or Nee” in Teochew dialect. Basically, most food products made of yam paste are my favourite. I love the taste of yam. Yam puff, yam pancake, yam bun, yam biscuit, yam cake, yam in soup, and etc. Yam, yam, and yammy…

Sweet yam paste is a famous traditional Teochew dessert. This dessert dish will be served at most Teochew restaurants in Singapore. 1 regular portion of sweet yam paste dessert costs about $5 – 6. Price is expensive! So, how about give it a try at home? Try my sweet yam paste recipe here.

Sweet Yam Paste might look complicated to make, but it is not so difficult in fact. Taste might be as good as restaurant standard, much more the hearty feeling to your loves one, with a homemade yam paste!

1 regular yam aka taro, cut into small pieces with skin removed
¼ cup of olive oil (or pork lard for more fragrance)
½ cup of sugar (sweetness adjust to your liking)
½ cup of water (more watery or thicker texture to be determined by the amount of water added, adjust to your liking of its texture)
½ clove of shallot, minced
3 tablespoon of coconut milk
1 tablespoon of corn flour

1 wedge of pumpkin, cut into small pieces with skin removed
1 handful of ginkgo nuts, cooked (Get vacuum-packed readily available from supermarkets. Boil with water for 10 minutes)

1) Bring a small pot of water to a boil. Add the taro pieces and pumpkin pieces, boil for 10 minutes, or until the pieces are thoroughly cooked and tender. Remove from pot, let the taro and pumpkin pieces cool separately. When pumpkin is cool, cut it into small cubes, and reserve for garnishing purpose.

2) Return to the cool taro, use a masher or big fork to mash the taro completely smooth. Heat a wok over medium fire, and add in olive oil. Add shallot and fry till fragrant.

3) Then, add in mashed taro, and stir continuously with wooden spatula, until the taro and oil are well-combined. Reduce heat to low fire, gradually add in water and keep stirring it till taro paste becomes smooth and paste-like consistency.

4) Add sugar and coconut milk, stir for 5 minutes. Sprinkle some corn flour, and stir for another 5 minutes. Heat off, and serve in a nice serving dish. Garnish with ginkgo nuts and pumpkin cubes. Serve warm.

Yam Paste

This yam paste can be used as the filling of bun or puff, if you wish to make yam bun/ yam puff.

Calorie of a decent portion of yam paste counts 350 – 400kcal.

Tips: Taste your yam paste while cooking, increase the amount of sugar if sweeter taste is preferred.
* The texture of Teochew yam paste should be thick. If you prefer more watery consistency, add more water when cooking, continue to stir till well-combined.
* You may also choose to add more coconut milk as garnishing when served. Alternatively, add olive oil on top of the yam paste to feel the smooth texture in the palate.