Club Med, Bintan Ria

Wine & Dessert in Club Med, Bintan Island

“Dessert & Wine @ Club Med, Bintan Ria”

1)Green Tea & Macadamia Nuts Cake. This luscious cake was so delicious with its pleasant sweet taste and aromatic ‘nutty’ texture. Mild green tea flavour makes the cake tasted so refreshing, and it’s definitely a good dessert after heavy dinner meal.

2) Rainbow Mousse in the Glass. It was made with 3 layers of mousse, vanilla  strawberry and chocolate flavours. The texture of the mousse was so smooth and its not-too-sweet creamy taste makes the glass a very popular dessert choice.

3) Look at the Banana Chocolate Cake at the side of the Mousse Glass Dessert! It might not look as appealing as it supposed to be, but this banana chocolate cake was excellent indeed! It is not a ‘spongy’ cake as this cake was made mainly with the chocolate paste and banana pieces with just a thin layer of sponge cake as its crust. Its chocolate was thick and fulfilling.

4) Just a house pour from Australia. Taste of this white wine is pleasant and good to drink especially for wine beginners. What I would like to highlight here is those bite-size appetizers. Isn’t it supposed to talk about wine and dessert? Yeah, just wish to share with you that these bite-size breads with special toppings e.g. special herb cream and caviar & crab meat paste, complement the wine so well even to have them with wine after a good and heavy dinner.

5) I think I prefer Rosé. I also like its pinkish colour which makes this wine so special, sophisticated, and elegant to be drank by ladies (smiling).

6) My welcome drink served at the reception while watching a traditional dance by some local dancers.

7) This is the most unique food I like most! See the carving of these watermelons, just like the nice rosy flowers. Yeah, the fruits sticks at the center were served to us. Nice fruits!!

These were the foods and drinks & FUN I had in Club Med, Bintan.

I should and shall visit other Club Med resorts in other countries. Good food, friendly staff, varieties in event & activities! I think Club Med is fun, and gonna makes your holiday a very fun-filled one. Not only for the adults, your children will surely enjoy the sweet treats (not the wine, of course) and high fun here! It’s a kids and family oriented resort.

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