Club Med Bintan Ria

Main Course in Club Med, Bintan Ria (Island)

The Main Course/ Nice Food @ Club Med, Bintan Ria”

1) Scallop with Aparagus in XO Sauce. These sauteed scallops tasted very tender and juicy. With XO sauce added to the scallops, taste became robust and delicious.

2) Chicken Rice with Roasted Pork Ribs and Fish Balls Soup. The tenderness of these pork ribs made this lunch an extra flavoursome one! Not only the chicken was good, these big fish balls were chewy and tasty. The fish balls yield QQ texture that 2 balls will never be enough… (smiling).

3) Sauteed Chicken Breast Meat. Its food presentation was good and you will be tempted to have a course of such. However, the chicken meat was too dry and a little too hard to chew. This dish does not served with any sauce except for a z-line of chocolate sauce decorated at the side. I personally think that this chicken meat will taste much better if it served with some cranberry and/ or herbs blended sauce. What do you think?

4) Fish with Herbs Sauce. Fish is always the ‘safest” meat to use in western cuisine, I personally think so. Indeed, this fish meal were good. The fish meat was well prepared wihtout any fishy smell. Its herbs sauce complements the fish meat with pleasant greeny taste in the palate. Overall presentation of this fish meal scored B+.

5) Grilled Dory served with Mashed Potato. This not my dinner, it was one of the meal for my snack/ tea time. It did not serve in large portion as tea break meal. The fish tasted very good, even better than the one served during dinner.. :p The fish yielded natural sweet taste in the palate. You may choose to dip the herb sauce which served separately. I tried the sauce, tasted fine with the fish. However, I think the fish was tasted good enough just by its own, and hence, I prefer to eat it plain with the sauce. Mashed potato here was smooth in texture, but taste a little bland. If you prefer mild taste, this potato might be delicious to you, perhaps.

6) Mee Goreng & Satay. Another tea break meal. It served in small portion which was good enough to satisfy your little hunger or craving for local food before the actual meal time. Since it is at Indonesia, Mee goreng aka fried noodles, of course, tasted very good as one of its local delicacies. Tasty noodles, but not too spicy and oil. The chicken satay and its satay gravy were the best! Spicy satay sauce, but flavoursome one! The Satay sauce in Indonesia tastes even better than those I have tasted in Singapore, in fact. I think Indonesian makes better satay than Singapore ones (chuckling). Give it a try, if you have chance to visit Indonesia.

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