“Appetizers we had @ Club Med, Binta Ria”

Yeah, it’s about food we had during Bintan Island trip of 5 days! I am first featuring some unique and luscious appetizers today…

Club Med Bintan Ria

1) Chicken fillet wrapped with cucumber slices and decorated with pineapple cubes. Texture of chicken is juicy, taste refreshing with cucumber slices. The pineapple cubes complement with this chicken fillet wrap. Overall taste is not too strong, but enough to fill your palate pleasantly. I think this dish looks easy to make, and I shall try it sooner… (chuckling)

2) This Ceasar salad here is definately more refine looking than those from other places. It’s tasteful!

3) This English style “wantan” skin topped with smoke Salmin looks delicious, but taste was so-so indeed. The main attraction here is its unique way of having Chinese wantan skin with Western-style smoke Salmon and special cream sauce here.

4) Another unique appetizer, by using Chinese “tofu” and fruit (Kiwi) to make this dish! Mild taste and nice to try.

5) I guess this is the best and tastiest appetizer – fresh fruits and root vegetable strips such as pineapple, carrot, turnip and celery, to go with this local specialty of Indonesia, the Satay sauce. Satay is supposed to be a very popular local delicacies in Indonesia. Its Satay sauce is the best which I ever tasted so far. I did not expect that eating fresh root vegetables can be so interesting by dipping with Satay sauce. Moreover, it has be decorated in this nice little glass in such a way that everyone would like to give a try even to “meat-dieter”!

Well, next featuring the main dish.. Again, check it out, please… (smiling).