NATAS Travel Fair 2008 in Singapore Expo


“An annual NATAS Travel Fair which never missed by Singaporean!”

We went to Expo this afternoon, for the NATAS (The National Association of Travel Agents Singapore) Travel Fair exhibition! It was last day of NATAS Fair, and we wanted to check out the best deal for our vacation planning (hee hee). This was my second time been to NATAS Fair. My first visit to the fair which was located at downtown, Suntec City exhibition hall, but NATAS has no longer at Suntec City anymore, since years ago, I think…

I brought my little girl there (hubby did not come along this time), after her phonics tuition. Driving to Expo (Tampines) could be a distance to me, so we decided and had taken MRT there. It was more convenience and has saved my hassle for finding car park space since I was not sure exactly which hall this NATAS Fair is located, initially.

We hit the place with a hope for not so crowded and long queue as what TV news has broadcast last evening. Gosh! No way… The situation there was exactly like what the news shown! A dragon line of public visitors was queuing to buy ticket to enter the fair! NATAS Fair was located at Hall 4 & 5 and its main entrance to ticketing booth was inside Hall 4. Guess what? The queue to enter to the ticketing booths was outside the hall which extended all the way to the next hall. Those ticketing booths were out of sight from where we started our queue!

This spectacular scene was familiar to me, as what we have gone through with similar queuing experience in New York City, to entering Empire State Building! I was quite hesitated to stay on. Shall I give up, but traveled all the way here… How?? Eh, wait a minute?! The queue moved pretty fast! Fortunately, the queuing time was not as bad as what I thought… Visitors were allowed to enter in batches, and then there were two different queues of master card payment (UOB master card was the main hosting here) and cash payment mode. The master card’s line was faster and $1 off from original charges of $3 per adult is given to master card holders.

Many agencies and exhibitors were here. Chan Brothers Agency had the biggest booth, and people were queuing up to make inquiry or check booking details there! This place was very huge since 2 hall was occupied. My poor little girl had been walking around non-stop for hours, with me (heart pain)!

Actually, QUEUE and PAY to visit an exhibition where consumers still have to spend huge sum of money to purchase here, does it really make sense??!! Why still so many people willing to do so, included myself (laughing)?! To be fair, the same travel packages selling here were lower prices than outside agencies in normal days indeed. It should be about $100 – $200 savings for each traveler. There were some perks given to consumers for getting the deal there, too, for instances, redemption of luggage bag for purchase of $3000 and above, free extension stay for purchase of $6000, and etc. Most of these perks were fully redeemed!

The rush of visitors had never stopped throughout the day (as long as I was there for 3 hours). Well, the main purpose of majority here was to get the best deal at lowest price as a way to save cost, but can you see how wealthy Singaporeans are?! So, don’t complaint about suffering from inflation and high living cost here hor

I did not get any deal on the spot, in fact. The travelling place which we will most likely be visiting is having a special travel promotion even for online purchase. So, I decided to re-consider on any other target country with my hubby, before sealing our options.

Well, we did another round of checking online, after dinner. And, booked a Club Med holidays, online (smiling)!

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  1. Thanks for visiting! And I love that jacket at a previous post of yours. U look so tiny! And u r a mum too? wow!

    That is what I miss abt SG-all the food and fairs!

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