My Open Secrets to The Success of Keeping My Perfect Waistline


“Tips which you can practice daily to keep your perfect waistline”

I love food, I have sweet tooth, I cannot be starved, and I eat anything I like and craving for. I am, however, conscious on calories intake, and care a lot about maintaining ideal weight and perfect figure, still.

I have these 10 secrets of keeping myself fit. An open secret list….

1) Calculate your calorie intake in a day, prevent obesity:

Do not exceed your daily need of calories. Reduce 500 calories intake from your daily need each day, if you wish to lost weight.

Be disciplined in your eating habit:

For examples:
If you have a heavy meal over lunch, take a light dinner after that.

If you have a light lunch, take some light snack over tea break, so that you won’t over-eat at night due to excessive hunger. Habit of having multiple small meals is always better than an excessive large meal.

If you take fried food today, have some soupy food tomorrow then.
Eat lean meat or breast chicken meat with skin.

Share your snacks so that you won’t be tempted to finish it all on your own.

Use smaller bowl/ plate to serve your rice. The rice will fill the small bowl and look plenty with lesser amount than using the regular bowl/ plate.

2) Grab all chances to reduce fat/ oil intake when having greasy food:

I’ll still be eating oily or creamy food. When having oily food such as fried fritters, I will ‘squeeze out” the excessive oil from it using a clean kitchen before consume. I will leave out the cream when eating cake, too. Even if drinking beverages like Milo and coffee, L’ll ask for less sweetener/ sugar.

3) Eat some fruits one hour before or after your meal for better digestion:

It helps for better digestion and regulates bowel movement. It’s important to have smooth and regular bowel movement, for both health and slimming purposes.

Banana will reduce your constipation problem as it works as natural laxative.

I took Acidophilus powder on regular basis, too. It’s flavorless and easy to take. Just add a small amount into your daily drinking water or drinks to consume 1 – 2 before or after any one of my meal time. Acidophilus helps to absorb food nutrients better, too.

Better digestion means better health, better figure. (chuckling)

4) Adopt “warm water” drinking habit instead of having cold and/or sweet beverages right after or with your meal:

Experts claimed that drinking cold water along side with your meal is harmful to our health. Cold drink with meal will solidify the fat from food and delay its emulsification, and hence slow down the digestion and even block absorption of food nutrients to our body by this solidified fat.

5) Drink hot/ warm tea:

I drink hot tea to keep up my health and figure. I chose Oolong tea or Japanese green tea, and sometimes, rose buds tea. Oolong tea claims to have fat reduction effect and get rid of greasiness after taking oily food, while green tea is high in anti-oxidant properties which are good to lower the risk of getting cancer. Dried rose buds tea is one of the herbal tea. It tastes “romantic”, natural sweet rosy taste and aroma. A lovely beverage that makes your day. It is good for improving our complexion and increases blood circulation.

My best time to drink a cup of hot tea is not right after meal, but about 30min – 1 hour time later. I also drink tea in the morning with breakfast (but not empty stomach).

6) Drink lukewarm water with lemon drops and peppermint leaves:

I drink half a glass of lukewarm lemon water every morning. Lemon claims to detoxify and cleanse our body system. Even though lemon perceived as acidic, but it helps to alkalize our body to balance pH in fact. I personally believe its effects. And, my experience tells me that it even aid in slimming.

Peppermint leaves benefit to our digestive system. It’s refreshing, and gives cooling taste when drink it.

Note: Effect varies from person to person. Most importantly, do not try with empty stomach if you have gastric problem.

7) Drink a bowl of hot soup before meal:

Drink soup right before your dinner will fill your stomach. You will not eat as much after that.

8) Apply essential oil for slimming effect:

Choose grapefruit, ginger, lemon or peppermint flavors which recommended for reducing fat deposit. Apply on your body and limbs once or twice a day either in the morning or evening or both timing, after shower.

9) Never sit for too long or lay down immediately after meal:

You may eat very large portion of meal, but get you butt of from the chair after meal, and start moving around (strolling and not running). Don’t just sit and relax… I do household chores like cleaning table, doing laundry, ironing and folding clothes, after dinner. Walk your dog after meal is the best form of simple exercising.

If you have desk-bound job, try your best to stand up and work after lunch. Avoid any possible “lending hand”, go get your own files from the cabinet located next row or from colleague seated at different office level. It won’t kill your precious time by spending 2 minutes for doing so.

I lifted up my laptop with a box on my desk, to type and work while standing in the office, for 20 min after lunch hour. Also, sit straight at all time, to reduce flabby tummy.

Try to avoid extended coffee (and snack) session right after proper meal.

10) If you do not have time for exercise during weekdays, try these simple steps to flatten your tummy and tone up your butt, just 15 min time.

I do it 1 hour before sleep.

Click here to see steps: Bridge Exercise

Stretch your body as much as possible to relax your muscle anytime of the day.

Do keep up your good eating habits and stop worrying about gaining extra weight from your daily meals.

Just adopt some of these simple little actions which will make a great change in you!

Hello! My name is PatriCa. I love food. Cooking is my passion, and it's all about sharing. I want my loved ones to enjoy healthy home-cooked meals. So, that includes you! If you wish to know more about me, I invite you to join me at My Wok Life FaceBook.

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