Kids Kampung

Kid’s Kampong for Your Family Day

“Kid’s Kampong, a place for educational outdoor activities which your children will enjoy it alot!”

I am not sure if you have ever heard about Kid’s Kampong. I did not until the first time I heard about from the educational excursion organized by my girl’s primary school, Ai Tong School.

About 2 weeks ago, my girl came to me with a school notification, after our dinner. It was a consent form to a trip of learning journey to Kid’s Kampong. Kid’s Kampong? I was not sure where this place is and about, but I felt safe to just signed the form to permit her participation as it was organized during school hours. In fact this was the second educational trip out of the school (first time was a trip to supermarket, NTUC and back with some food purchased during the trip for a small party among the classmates.). Hence, I am with ease mind, to let her join. The trip fee was at 50% subsidy by the school, just $4 to be paid by the parents of each student.

This day came, on the 3rd July 08 (yesterday)! I prepared some food, water bottle, and a rain coat in her small harvest-sack, as instructed in the notification.

Kids Kampung

I went to fetch her from her school in the late afternoon after usual school hour. She was holding a small bucket, a small fish net and a pack of small tropical fishes! So as her classmates who were still waiting for their parents. My girl told me excitedly that they’ve gotten these fishes from the excursion, and they caught the fishes using the fish net on their own! She counted these 8 fishes many times, she told me.

Oh, I was happy for her, and yet, headache with the fishes. Without any fish tank and other equipments at home, how can we keep the fishes? However, in order not to disappoint my girl who wants to keep a pet long ago, we went off to the nearest aquarium shop right after that, to get fish food, small fish tank, and oxygen balls. I did not want an air pump as the space I have to put the tank has no power supply. The oxygen balls come in handy, just put the balls in the water and it will release oxygen lasting for 6 months.

Gosh! The oxygen balls were out of stock! “Mom, will the fish die without oxygen supply for too long?” my girl asked me. “What is it for the unnecessary trouble out of sudden, after a long day work?” I was grumbling to myself, and yet, I could not bear to see her disappointment. “No worries, I will get you the equipments somewhere else.” I told her. Well, we went on searching for another shop. Why is it always the case, when you need something which you always see it anywhere, you just couldn’t get it when you need it urgently?? Ha… None, none, none, we ended up at driving around a few districts around the Island, with fear that all shops might have closed for the day in this late hour.

~ Fortunately, got it else where out of our district!

By the time we got home, it was almost 9pm! My girl could not wait to have her 8 tiny tropical fishes stayed in their ‘new house’. We had something light as dinner that night. After which, we had the fish equipments and tank ready for her fishes to stay in. 8 small beautiful fishes caught by my girl, from the Kid’s Kampong. 8 tiny tropical fishes from length of 2cm to 4cm long. Jokie – for 1 black fish, Spotty – for 1 black & white spotted fish, Angel and Angie– for 2 pure white fish, JoJo, Josir, Josy, Jomi – for the 4 gold & white colour ones, she named them (laughing)! She loves her fishes so much. We had a long night, with much happiness she has from the fishes she has gotten from Kid’s Kampong.

Kid’s Kampong is actually located at Pasir Ris, a place resembles the old Kampong lifestyle back in the sixties. A lifestyle where you have all the farm animals stayed at your front yard, and where most of the kids played outdoor games all the time, mainly, catching small fishes in the drain.

Kid’s Kampong basically divided into few stations, for facilities such as catching small fishes in a pool using a small net and buckle, rod fishing pool where you may catch fish to redeem present based on the weight of the fish you caught, feeding area where you can feed the fished, chicks, and geese. My girl fed the geese (she’s brave!). Sea creatures pool where your children may have close contact with the star fish, sea cucumber and other kinds of fish (just like the one we have outside the entrance of Underwater World, Sentosa). Also, there is a pet station where introduction of some small animals will be conducted by a farm keeper to visitors, and will also let the visitors to touch and feel these animals. My girl touched the hamster and rabbits, she described to me.

This is a place you may get some flashes of your childhood memory, and most importantly, let your kids have some special fun and experience some real hands-on activities outdoor, my girl enjoyed it that day. I think it is educational, fun and enjoyable outdoor place for the children to visit. The most suitable age group should be from 5yrs above, in order to really get the full essence of fun from the activities there. Your children will enjoy it, too. Bring your children there this weekend, k!

Or, something you may wish to know: There will be a special program there for Children’s day celebration on 30 September 2007 (Sunday). I will be there, see you!

Programme Details:
1) ‘Longkang’ Fishing ( 1 hour)
2) Feeding Session
3) Conducted Pet Show ( pls refer scheduled time)
4) Balloon Game – Sure win Lucky Dip
5) Goody Bag
6) Special Ice Cream
7) A set of Bucket & Net

Charges: $11 per child (purchase in advance)
$13 per child (purchase on actual day)
**All activities – Free & easy

For more enquiry, pls call 6583 9030

Public Building
11 Pasir Ris Farmway 1 (S)519355
Pasir Ris

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