Sweet potato ball

Taiwan Deep Fried Sweet Potato Balls

“Fried sweet potato ball. My favourite as snack! “

$, $2 for 4 balls

I remembered that deep fried sweet potato ball stores were easily found on the street sides, when I was young. Nowaday, we hardly find such local delicacy in this urban city.

Months back, there was this store named The Sweet Potato Place, newly opened at Level 1 in Thomson Plaza, selling Taiwan Sweet Potato food. When I first visited this store, the sweet potato balls did not really catch my eyes, instead, I bought the deep-fried sweet potato spring rolls ($2 for 3) as it sounded quite special to me. Spring roll with sweet potato fillings… I did not really appreciate their signature steamed sweet potatos since just had a full meal over lunch that time, and with some surprises, this was my first time seeing steamed sweet potatos are selling by weight like durians (per gram)! What a precious potato food (laughing)…

They do offer small bites for tastings at the counter. No doubt, the quality and original taste of their sweet potatos are pretty good. However, I’m yet to get over the fact of first time seeing steamed sweet potato selling by its weight (eventhough plenty of food are selling this way including those raw ones in the supermarket), despite the high quality and best taste of these sweet potatos claimed by the store owner. Well, they sell others sweet potato food like sweet potato paste, the deep-fried spring roll which taste OK to me (just that its skin got softened after awhile, so have to eat it while piping hot), and of course, the sweet potato balls! It was a snack treat from my colleague. We ate it warm. Just loved it after that.

They made the size of this potato ball bigger than usual, slightly bigger than a table tennis ball. The potato filling is in purple colour! Golden brown outside, and purple inside. Looks soooo yummy! No worries, the purple colour filling comes from the a type of purple potato that they used in fact.

This sweet potato ball is not too sweet. Tasted only the natural sweetness of the sweet potato. So, I do not think they add any extra sugar in it.

Those deep-fried sweet potato balls selling at other places or what I used to taste are way too oily actually (it absords oil easily), but you won’t find this oily at all! It feels ‘dry’ on my fingers, and yet, it texture is soft and a little chewvy. Very nice to have as snack or tea break! Eat it twhile warm tastes even better… hearty feeling…
Calories intake of such? About 100 kcal for 2 fried balls.

I’ve tasted it twice, and will buy it again whenever go there. Also, will let you know if I were to get thier steamed one. Ha..

Just my recommendation. Give it a try, if you dropby at Thomson area next time.

**[Post Note] – The shop had already closed down, since 2009.

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