Jacob Ballas Park Waterfall

Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden at Botanic Gardens

“$7m green space meant to give the young an insight into natural world”

For most of the family, weekend is family days, especially Sunday, for the children day!

However… beside staying at home, watching TV, doing handicraft or playing new toys, what’s better to do, to go, and how to make the family day more fulfilling and exciting??? I have these headache questions. Some of my friends and colleagues are, too. So, we try our best to share information on weekend programs. Some told me they bring their kids to movie, some said shopping, some said zoo or bird park, and one even brought his little one to games arcade! Ha. In exchange, I shared with them our picnic ideas, children’s park, and museum activities during school holidays.

Being the first story in my “Weekend Spot” page under parenting’s topic, I would like to share the Asia’s first garden for children opens just around your neighborhood here in Singapore!

Back in October 2007, the 6th, we visited this garden first time. It was a sunny day. Weather was hot, but better than rainy day for a visiting to garden, I guess…
This is a newly opened Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden at the Botanic Gardens (at the Bukit Timah core) in Singapore. I like to bring my kid to natural places, to cultivate her appreciation to the nature and also a place with extensive space for her to deplete her energy positively.



Admission to the Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden is free, but this garden is open only to children up to 12 years old. And all children have to be accompanied by an adult in order to enter. There are gate barriers at the main entrance with a security guard to check on you (If you are over 12 yrs old without any younger one to go with you, I think you may join their viewing session at earlier time from morning till 4pm, except on Monday).

We went there around 3pm+, with our picnic bag filled with water, packet drinks, hotdog and sandwiches. Happily, we went in, roaming in the garden. Found a hut to have our tea time picnic session. Never noticed that no any other visitor is having food (some munching maybe, but not large-scale of eating session)even with the nice hut here just like those at the sea side area for BBQ and picnic. Nonetheless, we enjoyed my homemade sandwiches and some other snacks (will write my sandwich recipes to you soon). While having our tea time at one of the hut, hubby and kid went around exploring the greens venture, too. They found interesting man-made waterfall, suspension bridge just around the corner. I cleaned up and joined them after that. After going one round, we came back to the front part at the other side, a small maze there. Fun place, my girl and I went into the maze, we enter at different time to play a game, trying to find each other and see who found the exit first. No worries about missing your little one, the maze is not complicated and it is low-built, an adult may just hop higher to look over the maze. After which, we went to check out their water area and playground (sand pool). Since it was our first time there without checking on their website first, we did not bring extra clothing for changing. So, we did not allow our girl to go to the wet area, but only the playground. Many children were playing there since it was a Sunday. Just join the children’s crowd to have fun then!

We left the garden at about 6pm. When came out from the same entrance, we somehow read the regulation board. I thought we saw some wordings stated that no food should be brought in?! Hmm…No wonder, (maybe I was sensitive) now that we saw this notice, we seemed alien when having sandwiches there?!(Chuckling) No choice, what have been done cannot be undone (Sorry, the authority). We did not break the rules on purpose. Well, by our unintended act, we’ve enjoyed some “special” moment there that never could be done again, unless they change the rule. :P

To reach there, we went from Bukit Timah Road. At the Bukit Timah Road junction, turn left to enter the NUS campus. Then, turn right into the garden after a car park gantry (parking fee is reasonable @ $2 max).

An educational natural environment that worth going, learn about plants and their photosynthesis process, love the nature and a good place to bond with your children.

Btw, if you were to check out this place these two weeks, do look out for some “freebies”. There should be a Free Evolution Garden Tour this coming Saturday. Enjoy!

Garden’s official site for your detail reference:
Children Garden

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