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Food in Malacca, Malaysia

“Our 2-day FOOD Trip in Malacca.. It was so recharging!”

We visited Malacca over a weekend!

This is our second short getaway since Tioman Island. Total of 3 hours bus journey from Singapore.

Tired (We have been walking around at all time), but enjoyable get-away trip for a weekend. We fulfiled all planning of food and visits. Mainly for food, to me!
The best experience from this trip was gotten to try Malacca local delicacies and specialites food like Chendol, Satay Celup and Chicken rice ball.. Good yummy food!

I like the Satay Celup most, I guess….. A very unique dish. A pot of satay sauce at the centre of the table boiling, just like steamboat, but soup base is satay gravy and not chicken stock. They serve a pot of satay gravy, and mix the grounded peanut and brown sugar before you (so, you feel “safe” and assured eating from a brand new fresh pot). Then, wait for the gravy to boil. Thereafter, dip the raw food on sticks into the sauce until cooked. Eat it with the same satay sauce. Each stick costs only 60 cents, for choices of prawn, chicken, pork, hot dogs, pig and chicken organs, beancurd skin, fried fritters, “kang kong”, you name it, they have it! Just like buffet. By the way, the pot of satay sauce comes “free”, no extra charges to it.
Our first dinner in Malacca. Queue for about 20 min before we got a table, and dinner priced at RM20 (~S$14). Not super full meal, but super tasty. Worth it!

After which, we went to Jonker street’s night market which only opens on every Friday and weekends, to taste the famous Chendol with thick Gula Melaka syrup, and had a short shopping time at new Megamall, Pahlawan, before the 25 min non-stop firework celebration at Pahlawan Dataran. We came at the right date. Without prior information, this celebration came to our pleasant surprise, when we first reached our hotel room of Hotel Equatorial. There was a notice on the table, informed room guests on a 25 min long firework firstly organised in Malacca, to celebrate the Colours of Malaysia theme.
It was beautiful… reminds me of our first trip to Disneyland in LA, it was also happened to be their 50th Anniversary of Disneyland (also a pleasant surprise!). Same there, they added fireworks as the closing programme and highlights of the night during its celebration period. Althought most of us saw fireworks before, but difference is its arrangement was for special occasion and not the normal National Day or Independence Day kinds of days.. get what I mean? Anyway, the ambience and feeling were super romantic to me.. Superb!

Next morning, before we set off for visitings, we had simple breakfast at one old-fashioned coffee shop. 60s – 70s type of shop managing by an old couple. Coffee shop located in a small lane accross the Hotel Equatorial. An ever-seen traditional designed old shop, serving most original taste of “kahwin” toasts (kaya & butter spread), soft-boiled eggs and coffees (RM7.20 ~S$3). Simple, but fulfiling. As you know, I am the diet-watcher, I took 2 eggs, with 1 yolk less. For both diet and health (reduce LDL cholesterol intake) reasons.

Never gave up on the famous chicken rice ball at Chong Hwa Coffee shop was another programme we were proud of. After the day time visit to Jonker Street (bought some souvenirs and enjoyed another bowl of Chendol from a famous shop [also at RM1.70 (~S$0.70)], after long walk under hot sun), we reached to this famous coffee shop at 12pm for lunch, it was another scene of crowd, a line of customers waited for seats and tables. We nearly gave up to the chicken rice ball shop near to it (there are at least 3 chicken rice ball restaurants around in fact) to avoid waiting in the crowd of many “kiasu” customers, but since those shops looked expensive for nothing-better than this coffee shop which well recommended by many web surfers, we tried waiting patiently… We were lucky enough to get seated after 25-min waiting time. Since there were only 2 of us occupying one table, we shared the table with another couple. Never talked to them lar… We enjoyed taking photos of the rice balls and half “white-boiled” chicken served, and tasting as well as commenting on the food on ourselves. Tastiest chicken rice I have ever tried (maybe lots of MSG)! This lunch with drinks priced at RM17.50 (~S$12).

We then walked to the street just next to Jonker Street, to find a famous Chinese temple for a pray and visit. Along the street, it was full of shops selling freshly baked pineapple tarts. They claimed to be the most original sellers, price varies from RM6 – RM11 (~S$2.50 – S$4.50) per box of 10 – 15 pcs. The tarts baked with different shapes and sizes, most of them in conventional round shape with size of a badge, but also in square shape and “wrapping” style with a thumb-size. I bought 2 boxes, nice, crispy, buttery-fragrant and not so sweet. I like.

Actually, not much to talk about the visiting sites. Normal stuff, “Red Houses”, A’ Famosa, St. Paul Church and street market. The only special visit worth talking should be the Jonker Street. In fact, we tried the fried carrot cake with black sauce which I wanted to try so much since it appeared in the Taiwan travelling TV programme and well commented. However, it was bad taste to me… . This dish was too spicy (even asked for less chilli), a little saltish and not so tasty, to us.. We tried to add sweet sauce and thought should be the sweet sauce we have in Singapore, but ended up with sweet gravy we normally use for “Chee Cheong Fun”.. Price for such carrot cake was not cheap for hawker food selling at the night market though.. RM3.80 (~S$1.60) with egg added. There was another dish shown on tv programme called “算盘子” (Fried Yam “beads”), but I did not try as was too full after the Chendol and Fried Carrot Cake… Don’t know how good could it be..

Talking food, Malacca is the home of Peranakan race (where Baba and Nyonya were orginated from). So, thier specialies food is Peranakan food here. It is a must-try cuisine in Malacca, only if we have another day here….. I’ve only tried one Nyonya Kueh (Red bean kueh) bought from Jonker Street’s night market.

For a “really-on” tourist, in fact he/ she will try on a trishaw (1 hour ride costs RM40 (S$18) per trishaw) which will bring you around Malacca tourist places. As Asian tourists like us, we were not really keen on riding one. I guess it was because trishaw was one of the tranportation for short day-market (Pasar) trips which I could easily sit on one during young time, no special.. (of course was without those nice decorations on the trishaws, but just a simple old ones we had). Perhaps it might be fun to ride on regardless where we come from, but just to have a feel in foreign land, but we gave it a miss this time.

Since our transportation these two days was our legs, we could only walk propably 30 min for one trip at most, we visits those nearby famous sites, but not Hang Li Po well or San Po well which is at another location that needed a car trip there. However, we did pass by this site when we were travelling with a cab (costs standard RM15 (~S$6) per trip to Hotel) on our way back to the Sentral Bus Terminal, the bus terminal where we first touched down and to take a coach back.

That’s the story of my 2-days holiday in Malacca. Fun, and enjoyable.

By the way, I’ve also bought a pair of blue “button” slippers(3rd row, most right side) for myself, from the night market in Jonker Street. RM10 (S$4.20) for a pair. Very comfortable to wear…This was my third visit to Malacca, after so many years (First time with family, second time with siblings). The most romantic one.

What’s the caloric count in those food consumed these two day? Check out my list.

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