Mango Yogurt with Chunks

Fresh Mango-Yogurt with Mango Chunks in the Glass

Mango Yogurt with Chunks

“Make for your children, they will sure love it and HEALTHY dessert! Your hubby, and loved ones, too!”

Craving for dessert after dinner? Hmm… cut-fruits – boring, cakes – too “sinful” for the night, what else??

After dinner, I agreed that it’s good to have some dessert or light refreshment (about an hour) before sleep, especially to those who stay up late for work and projects. So, I have an idea for you. A new way of eating fruit that helps to improve your digestive system, and curb your cravings, too!

I used mango, yogurt, and cereal. Healthy ya (chuckling)?!

This is a very simple homemade dessert that your children may help you to do it together, just like I did. I got my girl to mash the mango with fork for me after I peel it. I did not use blender, but a fork instead. The purpose is to make the puree a little “not so refine” as I like to have the “homemade feel” of it, at the same time, we can have the mango pulp in the puree. Of course, by using fork, you can let your little ones do it slowly (especially during non-school days). They will surely be excited to help you, like my little princess. No worries, please go ahead to use blender if you prefer that way. Just peel and cut the mango, add yogurt and sugar to blend them together. This dessert takes less than 10 min to make 2 glasses.

Dessert… It’s OK. A glass of heavenly taste mango-yogurt probably counts 190 kcal (calories less than 1 cup of banana of 220g).

Nothing much we can do to reduce calories this time other than using replacement sugar (artificial sweetener with 0 calorie) than cane sugar. Also use low fat plain yogurt rather than flavored one. Sugar is a must since we are using plain yogurt herein. Otherwise, it won’t taste like a dessert, but more like a slimming food. If you are making it for the family with children, I’ll suggest sticking to normal sugar though.

2 medium-sized mangos (chilled)
1 small cup of plain yogurt (Low-fat)
2 small scopes of Honey Star cereal (or cornflakes)
2 tablespoons of sugar

1. Cut 1 of the peeled mangos (any shape you find it easy to mash)

2. Place in a bowl and mash into puree with fork.

3. Cut another mango into small cubes. Set aside.

4. Put the mango puree with yogurt and sugar together. Mix well.

5. Get a nice glass, pour spoonful of yogurt mixture into the glass. Add spoonful of mango cubes.

6. Add 1 scope of honey star cereal.

7. Fill the glass with more yogurt mixture till 90% full.

8. Repeat steps for another glass. Serve chilled.

If too late in the night is no good time for your children to consume chilled food, prepare it earlier or have it 1 hour before dinner time (best time for dessert and this one won’t fill your stomach, but to help for digestion instead). Or, it is also good as afternoon refreshment, especially in hot weather. Your children will have more time to help you out in the day over weekend, too.

Tips: I used Thailand honey mangos which taste sweeter and softer. Choose riper mangos for the puree. As for yogurt, I used Paul’s brand. It tastes better and smoother as compared to other brands, to me.

Hello! My name is PatriCa. I love food. Cooking is my passion, and it's all about sharing. I want my loved ones to enjoy healthy home-cooked meals. So, that includes you! If you wish to know more about me, I invite you to join me at My Wok Life FaceBook.

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